Nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion results in acceptable stability in young adults

Alar width changes due to surgically‑assisted rapid palatal

expansion: A meta‑analysis

Differential assessment of skeletal, alveolar, and dental components induced by microimplant-supported midfacial skeletal expander (MSE), utilizing novel angular measurements from the fulcrum

Short-term impact of microimplant-assisted rapid palatal expansion on the nasal soft tissues in adults: A three-dimensional stereophotogrammetry study

Assessment of respiratory muscle strength and airflow before and after microimplant-assisted rapid palatal expansion

Corticopuncture Facilitated Microimplant-Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion

 Tradução e adaptação transcultural do questionário STOP-Bang para a língua portuguesa falada no Brasil 

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